Gestes Tu Elle


Within the scope of its mediation activities, the Forum Culture initiates cultural mediation projects linking specific audiences and artists from the region. This is how the mediator Noémie Saga Hirt and her association Fluorescence came up with the project Gestes tu elle, which is a dialogue between the multicultural populations of the city of Biel and the universe of two artists, Noelia Tajes and Sébastien Gerber. To bring these different worlds together, the participants were invited to use gesture and non-verbal language.

A series of images were made at different times during the workshop (which took place over several days) as well as 3 videos and a booklet. The project was then presented to the public in the room where the workshop took place.

Cultural mediation and project management
Noémie Saga Hirt

Choreographer and choreologist
Noelia Tajes

Visual artist
Sébastien Gerber

Teo Valli ︎︎︎ ︎︎︎

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