Swiss Milk
– Yes We Farm


Photo report presenting the crowdfunding website Yes We Farm, promoted by Swiss Milk. The report was shot at the Marchand family farm in Ajoie (Swiss Jura).

View the report on the website of Swiss Milk ︎︎︎

Cellule, Zürich


Portraits the 3 partners of Cellule GmbH, an architecture firm in Zürich, for their new website.

Website by NEOFLUXE ︎︎︎, Biel/Bienne.


–Mount Koya


Mount Kōya is the headquarter of the Shingon sect of Japanese Budhism. It is also known for the Okunoin cemetery, Japan’s biggest, where more than 200’000 monks are buried in graves that are, for some, more than 12 centuries old.

Pictures taken in Japan, September 2016


2020 - in progress

Ruines is a work in progress originaly initiated by Glass Temple, a curatorial project based in Geneva and organizing contemporary art exhibitions.

Ruines is about the things I want to remember, the life and death of those around me. It’s also about my neighborhood and the strangeness contained in everything.

The first part of the work was exhibited online during the first covid lockdown of 2020 in Switzerland. ︎︎︎



1585km of road accross Iceland.

Mix of photography and video frames.
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